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Now scheduling pitching, hitting, and player clinics.   Make sure you schedule a clinic for next winter's off season before the weekend dates are gone.
Contact:  johngay@softballclinics.com  H-360-892-7743 C-360-521-7763

I have been slowly retiring from traveling around the country doing clinics. Anita and I have started up an embroidery business in our home and I am getting used to working side by side with her. Our company is Johnita Designs and on our site in the top menu you will find a link to a page containing catalogs with reduced prices from several suppliers for all kinds of apparel, bags, hats, etc. We aren't looking to build an empire, we are just trying to stay busy and active.

I still have clinics scheduled once a month at several cities around the northwest through the winter as well as a few beginning clinics. But I won't be as available as I once was.
I'll be traveling to Ohio for a clinic this fall to help out a very good pitching instructor. If everything goes as planned, I will help her set up a web presence and other aspects of helping her become one of the top pitching instructors in the country.

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John Gay
17707 NE 110th Ave
Battle Ground, WA

H 360-892-7743
C 360-521-7763

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